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201Directors Program

The films screening on Day 2 were created in the 201 Directors Program. The filmmakers in this program have all made shorts or features previously. In the program they explored and developed their creative style through mentorship and various classes and workshops.

Each of the participants had to write a short film based on their interpretation of the word "Serendipity." They were then mentored through script development, pre-production, production, and post-production by industry professionals. 

Supernatural Connection

From finding unexpected inner power to forming unusual romantic bonds, these shorts are a reminder to be careful what you wish for as you just might find it.


Francesca Eaddy is a Texas native and a LA local actor and filmmaker who discovered her love for the arts at a young age. Her commitment to storytelling led her to esteemed events like Sundance Theatre Labs and performances at the John F. Kennedy Center. Beyond her acting chops, Francesca actively collaborates with organizations promoting gender and racial diversity in film. She's focused on creating an inclusive space for underrepresented voices.

Francesca – Twinning

Twinning Final Poster .jpg

Jill Narciso is an award-winning queer Filipino filmmaker from Houston. Since her directorial debut in 2021, Jill has directed and 1st AD’d 15 short films in the horror, drama, and comedy genres. Several of these films have been recognized for excellence and actors’ performances in various film festivals across the country. Jill’s films can be seen on various streaming platforms such as the Boyish Media, Lady Filmmakers, and Videomentum channels through Roku or Apple TV.

Jill – First Date

Minimal Romance Movie Poster.jpg

The Heart Beats On

Theses film exhibit the unique ways people seek solace when it comes loss, love and family.  


Iris Almaraz is an East LA badass filmmaker whose formative years range from homelessness, missed schooling, time in Juvenile Hall to family vacations in Europe, and attendance at one of the most prestigious arts high schools in the country. After receiving her BFA in Cinema from San Francisco State Iris’ first short film made its premiere at the top-tier international film Festival in Rotterdam. Two of Iris’ projects have been second-round finalists at the Sundance Writing Labs.

Iris – red Onion

Red Onion Movie Poster.jpg

Chanté Marlene is a writer, director, actor, occasional editor and founder of Trance Ending Films, an independent film company. Chanté is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of experimental storytelling through the integration of art, healing, and activism. Her unique gift lies in her mastery of capturing and conveying emotions within her narratives. Chanté is currently developing her first full-length feature, I Declare War.

Chanté - Hold On

Billing Posters _Hold On_-1 (1).jpg

Know Thyself

Through self-acceptance, an employment faux pas, and the power of the “P” these films teach us there is nothing wrong with just being you.

ElviaSusanaRubalcava_headshot (2).jpg

Elvia Rubalcava is a chicana, writer, director, producer, award winning playwright and filmmaker whose multidisciplinary artistic skills have shaped her storytelling and contributions through arts leadership throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Elvia is currently working on pre-development on her webseries Letters to my Dead Lovers. She is supporting storytellers through her newly formed production company Poco a Poco. In September 2022 Rubalcava received the City of Angel’s Women Film Festival’s Community Filmmaker Award with a grant from Dream Magic Studios.

Elvia – Fluffy Homegirls

Lulu Headshot.JPG

Lulu Valencia is a director, producer and screenwriter whose screenplays have placed in screenplay competitions and whose films have won in international film festivals. Born in Mexico and raised in the states, her humor is influenced by El Chavo del Ocho, In Living Color, the Wayan brothers and MAD TV.  When not writing comedy, she writes diverse, complex and dynamic characters in compelling dramas anchored by female leads. Lulu is drawn to stories that capture the voices and experiences of those who have been exploited and silenced.

Lulu – More Shenanigans


Lensa Jeudy is a native Floridian filmmaker. Her Haitian roots guide her to tell stories of unrepresented groups of people and present a variation on a theme in which Lensa explores the idea of free choice. The philosophical dilemma is "does one have free choice over everything or is everything determined in advance?" Her passion for filmmaking began at the age of eight, when she was assigned the role of camera operator in third grade. She realized then that any field with cameras was the one for her. Lensa earned her bachelor’s in film from Lynn University. Soon after, Lensa made the trek to her home state's capital, Tallahassee, where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Film Production at Florida State University.  Her thesis film “Dream City” won the Jury Prize from the DGA for Women Student Filmmakers in the eastern region.  Now, Lensa has moved upward and started her filmmaking career in the peach state, Atlanta, GA.

Lensa- Pussy Juice

We SWEAR it's not a Porno.png


These shorts show us what can happen if racism is left to fester and "Karens" run wild.


Gloria (Glo) Brown developed a love for writing and entertainment at a young age. She began by writing poetry and raps and sharing them with her family. After receiving a degree in healthcare, it didn't take long for her to realize her passion for storytelling. Recently, glow decided to pursue that passion in the form of  scriptwriting with aspiration that the significance in her stories will help to ignite change within the culture. 

Glo - Race


Alyscia Cunningham is an award-winning author, filmmaker, tactile artist, and photographer who has contributed to the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and AOL. Her work focuses on women discovering their strengths and surviving challenging circumstances. Alyscia is the Founder of Her House Media LLC, a media company that produces documentary and horror films by and about women of color. She has been recognized as Forbes ‘The Next 1000 (2021) and an award recipient of American Express 100 for 100 Program. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post, among others.

Alyscia - Negro Mountain

About Us.JPG

Felisha Norman & Nicci Bates are long time besties and creative partners who knew the moment they met and learned each other’s last names that it was a match that was meant to be. Norman Bates Co was created and has produced several plays, a web series, and short films that have been accepted in multiple film festivals.

Felisha & Nicci - Karen Chronicles

Karen Chronicles Movie Poster v3.png
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