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writers' circle

Hear your Words read aloud

Script Writers' Circle  (every Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST) is our virtual weekly table read of scripts written by our members. We read up to 30 pages from a feature-length script or an entire short script fewer then 30 pages and give constructive feedback on story structure, format, character, dialogue and what we like about the script. If you don’t have a script to read feel free to join us and support your fellow members. It is a great way to expand your knowledge on script writing. If you are a WOCF member and would like to submit your script for review, please send up to 25 pages of your script along with your photo to   ​We review one script weekly. Script reviews are scheduled in the order scripts are received. Each person who participates in Script Writer Circle is asked to be prepared to SHOW YOURSELF VIA VIDEO so we can see you and network with you.​

A Few Guidelines...

Disclaimer: Scripts are not pre-read and may include subject matter that is triggering for some. If you are uncomfortable in any way please let us know if you are called on to read. Everyone is welcome to just listen and /or leave.


Stating that you don't like the script, genre, characters, or subject is not allowed. 

There are scripts that are written that may not appeal to you. Your personal feelings regarding the above topics are irrelevant to the growth of the writer.

Your feedback should be constructive, not critical


Keep the meat & spit out the bones 

When you are the featured writer some of the feedback you receive may not resonate with you. Pay attention to the notes that have merit as they can help you grow as a writer. 


Be Courteous 

It is not easy to share your work and receive feedback, so craft your words from a place of kindness 


Have Fun

The beauty of WOCF is having members of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds come together and share their work in a judgment-free space.  Let's celebrate each other and enjoy the process! 

Script Writers Circle is a safe space for writers at any level to share their work and feel supported as they learn and grow. This means we give very specific feedback regarding what we liked about the script, story structure, format, character development, and dialogue. 

This week's

featured script writer



Written by

Lisa Scott


November 15, 2023

 5:00PM PST

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