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THe Virtual ClassRoom

These virtual classes will help you get a better understanding of the filmmaking process. 

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Irwin "moon" Miller

Understanding Cameras & Lenses

UpComing Workshops
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  • Jan 15, 10:00 AM – Feb 05, 10:00 AM
    Virtual Event
    The Virtual Director's workshop, taught by Landi Maduro is designed for new directors and indie filmmakers who want to make their films look cinematic on a minimal budget. Class will be held Sundays Jan 15th - Feb 5th 10AM-1PM PST.

UpComing Workshops
open to nonmembers

The following classes are open to everyone. You do not have to be a WOC or identify as female to take these free classes.


Landi Maduro

The first time you direct a project it can feel overwhelming. You desperately want to make a good movie but you're not sure how to visually tell your story. Maybe you do have some ideas of how you want to shoot your film but you're not sure if those ideas will give you the cinematic look you desire on your limited budget.

In this class we will briefly touch on:

  1. How to use camera angles and blocking to strategically reveal story elements and information about your characters.

  2. How lighting can create mood and the tone of your film.

  3. The importance of taking your time with pre-production

  4. How to communicate with your crew to achieve your film goals.

  5. Working with an editor who understands your vision.

This class is an introduction to the Virtual Indie Director workshop that will start January 15th taught by WOCF Founder & President, Landi Maduro. If you have taken the class or this workshop before this is a great refresher on some of the techniques and skills Landi teaches.

Landi is a photographer, producer, writer, director, and CEO of the production company Bluechild Entertainment. She has produced, written, and directed various small business commercials, music videos, online courses, shorts, and virtual live broadcasts and films. Her most fulfilling project to date is The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer In The African American Community. With this documentary, she challenged herself as a writer, producer, and director and began touring and lecturing nationwide advocating prostate cancer awareness. As the proud leader of WOCF, Landi believes in supporting and uplifting female filmmakers as they pursue careers in film and television.

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