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WOCF Film Lab & Summer Film Challenge 
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Film Lab Details

Film Lab & Summer Film Challenge Guidelines

January 30th, 11:55 pm PST – Applications Due
Feb – 28th 1st Draft of Scripts Due
March 14th – Final Script Due
March - May – Lab Classes & introduction to Mentors
May/June - Production - Post Production
June 12th, 11:55 pm PST - Rough Cut of Film is Due
July 10th, 11:55 pm PST – Final Films Due

Labs & Classes:

This lab is designed to help you elevate in all aspects of your craft from developing an initial concept to completing post-production. In this lab we will work on cinematic film development and focus on the following areas:

Screenwriting: Completing not only a professional but an exceptional script. Taking your ideas as far and deep as they can go.

Directing: Perfecting techniques in leadership and artistry from pre-production to post-production.

Pre-production: Participants will receive mentorship as they prep for their production.

Production/ Post Production: Participants will have one month to complete production.

A rough cut must be submitted to WOCF and mentors by June 12th. Filmmakers will receive feedback and must deliver final edits by July 10th.

We will accept up to 12 filmmakers for the lab. A mentor will be assigned to each filmmaker (2 filmmakers per mentor). You will meet with a mentor twice, once during pre-production and once during post-production. It is possible you may not have the same mentor for pre and post-production. You will also receive support, tips and feedback from WOCF members and guest instructors.

All the films created in the WOCF Film Lab will be screened at the WOCF Summer Film Challenge and will be eligible for the Audience Award, the Jury Award and other prizes to be announced.

To enter you must submit your logline and application materials by 11:55 pm PST January 30th, 2023.

Applications - To submit to the WOCF Film Lab you must provide the following:
1. A logline for your short film based on the word PLETHORA.
2. An essay (no more than 300 words) describing your voice, your journey thus far as a filmmaker and how you hope to grow from this experience.
3. A bio stating how you connect to your culture and how your culture influence you as a filmmaker.  

*These materials will be the first things your mentor receives as an intro to you so think about how you want someone to get to know you and your work.


All films must be based on the word PLETHORA which means:

1. Overabundance; excess: a plethora of advice and a paucity of assistance.

2. Pathology Archaic. a morbid condition due to excess of red corpuscles in the blood or increase in the quantity of blood.

1. Your film must be WOC lead and 80% of your cast and crew must be female.

2. There will be specific classes and workshops for WOCF Lab participants that you will be required to attend.

3. Only WOCF members can participate in the lab. You can use actors and crew members that are not WOCF members.

4. Only selected film lab participants can attend lab classes, workshops and mentor meetings.

5. Your film can be any genre but no longer than 15 minutes (including opening and closing credits. Any film longer than 15 minutes will be disqualified.

6. If you are shooting on your phone you must shoot horizontally.

7. You cannot screen your film in another event before the WOCF Summer Film Challenge.

8. Have fun and be creative with your interpretation of the word PLETHORA.

9. To submit as a team you must 


10. Do not submit if you know you will have scheduling conflicts throughout most of the lab or if you are unsure if you can fully participate. 

11. We will accept teams of two only. To submit as a team, you must have a minimum of a 5-year history working together on short film projects and provide a separate 2-paragraph summary listing the films you have completed together. You will need to state what each team member's role will be on your film lab project and how you will execute problem resolution.

12. If you have participating in the film lab previously you are not eligible to submit. 

Please fill out the intake form below and only upload a PDF or Word document that is saved as your name followed by the word Essay (Example: Jane Doe Essay.doc .) Make sure your name and email is listed on your on your essay.  Your essay and logline should be in one document.

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2023 Film Lab Intake Form

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