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201 Directors Progra


Program Details

201 Program Guidelines

The 201 Directors Program is a new lab we are starting for filmmakers who want to elevate their visual storytelling skills. To participate in this program you must have completed the WOCF film lab or be selected based on your body of film work and/or education.


This program will run similarly to the film lab with the exception of mentors. Instead of being assigned an individual mentor, you will work as a team providing support and feedback to each other that will be guided by 1 to 2 instructors. You will also receive feedback on all deliverables via email or virtual meeting by the 201 Council of instructors.


Through a series of classes and workshops, you will make a short film (no longer than 15 minutes in length) based on the word “SERENDIPITY”.


The 201 Directors Program will focus on screenwriting, pre-production, production, and post-production by providing classes and workshops in the following:


1.     Lighting – Revealing information about your characters through lighting. Using pools of light and shadow to create mood. Using practicals to motivate light. Using colors to enhance mood.


2.     Camera Blocking – Creating beautiful moving masters. Using stylized shoots to create your unique look. Capture the right coverage for your film. Playing with reflections.


3.     Sound – Using score, hard and soft effects mixed with ambient noise to enhance a scene.


4.     Directing Actors – Developing your process for working with actors to get the best performance. Working with child actors.


5.     Editing – Cutting the dead space that can make a scene drag. Understanding transitions. Working with an editor to find the right pacing for your film.


6.     VFX – Utilizing simple and complex VFX in your film to enhance cinematic value.

We will accept up to 11 filmmakers for this program. A council of 3 to 5 individuals made up of directors, cinematographers, and other industry professionals will review your work and provide feedback on pre-production and post-production.

All the films created in the 201 Directors Program will be screened in August at a private screening and will be eligible for the Audience Award, the Jury Award and other prizes to be announced.


201 Directors Program Rules/Guidelines: 

March 10, 11:55 pm PST – You must accept the invitation
April 7th –  11:55 pm PST 1st Draft of Scripts Due
May 8th – Final Script D

May 22nd at 11:55pm PST All Pre-Production Documents are Due
May- June – Lab Classes & introduction 201 Committee Instructors
June/July - Production - Post Production
July 10th, 11:55 pm PST - Rough Cut of Film is Due
Aug 7th, 11:55 pm PST – Final Films Due

All films must be based on the word “SERENDIPITY” which means

1. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. Accidental discovery, or an instance of this: Alton’s premiere novel was a serendipity that affected my thinking in the most positive way.

3. Good fortune.

1. Your film must be WOC lead and 80% of your cast and crew must be female.

2. There will be specific classes and workshops for 201 participants that you will be required to attend.

3. Only WOCF members can participate in this program. You can use actors and crew members that are not WOCF members.

4. Only selected program participants can attend classes, workshops, and meetings.

5. Your film can be any genre but no longer than 15 minutes (including opening and closing credits. Any film longer than 15 minutes will be disqualified.

6. If you are shooting on your phone you must shoot horizontally.

7. You cann
ot screen your film in another event before the WOCF screening in August.

8. Have fun and be creative with your interpretation of the word SERENDIPITY.

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